Steve Clegg is the man who got this whole thing started. He's a jack of all trades and can fix or build about anything. About the only thing he loves more than tinkering is helping people… and maybe shopping. You mix an honest man with a passion for finding great deals, and he's your perfect partner for all your automotive needs. With 8 kids and community service duties, Steve doesn't have too much free time. Somedays he'll golf, fish and hunt again. 

Johnny Meyer continues as a mechanic in Provo and is the fastest engine swapper you'll ever meet. Johnny always has a project going on at home so you’ll have to ask him about raising chickens--his latest hobby. He has been with Clegg Auto for over 10 years and even owned and ran his own shop in Venezuela. 

Kevin Clegg is kept plenty busy playing General Manager for all the businesses and ensuring the same level of quality continues to be delivered as they expand and bring their award-winning customer service in the automotive industry to more and more customers across Utah County. Kevin and his family have fallen in love with service trips to Mexico. They spend time building facilities for orphanages and cultivating meaningful relationships with the kids. They wish they could bring them all home. 

Glen Roberts - Service Manager for both repair locations - has been with Clegg Auto for over 10 years. He will do anything it takes to satisfy every customer. When you know Glen, you instantly become his friend and he considers you family. When he's not at work, he's hunting, fishing, or supporting his boys’ baseball teams. 

Adam Simons - Service Advisor in Spanish Fork - is mister reliable, unless its 6:45 am service advisor training. Adam is a big NASCAR fan and is a devoted husband, dad, employee, and friend. Adam joined Clegg Auto in 2012 and has been in the industry for many years. 

Curtis Pond - Service Advisor in Spanish Fork - started working when he was 10. He hasn’t aged a day since then...Mr. Baby face. Curtis loves to hunt, dream about shooting big animals, and ride motorcycles. He has spent time in all of our locations and started with Clegg Auto in 2014, bringing with him many years of experience on both the mechanic and service sides of the industry. 

Matt Misdom - Service Advisor in Spanish Fork - is the newest addition to the Clegg Auto Family. He joined the company in 2015. He has completed the engines performance training at MATC and has aspirations for a long career in the auto industry. He soaks up knowledge and skill like a sponge. Matt loves his dog more than about anything else in life right now, so we're trying to get him to start dating...stop by and we'll set you up ;) 

Ezequiel Rojas - Service Manager in Provo - First you’ll recognize the hair and then his baby...which in this case is a Subaru. He'll be happy to show either off. Ezekiel loves cars and he is really good at photography...he's combined the two and has some amazing shots you should ask him about. Ezekiel has been with Clegg Auto since 2014. 

Morgan "baby blues" Archibald - Service Advisor in Provo - is as real and genuine as it gets. Ladies, he's married so please stop asking. That said, his wife does get a kick when she hears the latest date offer. Morgan loves cars and when I say love I mean it. He lights up when the motor talk starts. . Ask him how many trees he's chopped down the next time you're in the shop.