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Your Spanish Fork Diesel Mechanic - Clegg Auto

Spanish Fork Diesel Mechanic - Clegg Auto

In addition to our general auto repair services, at Clegg Auto in Spanish Fork, we have mechanics specially trained in diesel maintenance and repair. Diesel engines have some powerful benefits and can be a great asset to a vehicle. However, because diesel engines are significantly different from regular gasoline engines, you will want to make sure to use a specialized diesel mechanic to service and repair your diesel engine. Whether you are looking to service a larger truck, a pickup, a fleet vehicle, or even a passenger vehicle or other machinery, Clegg Auto in Spanish Fork has the diesel expertise to help meet your needs.  Here are the basics of what you need to know about diesel maintenance and repair and how our diesel mechanics at Clegg Auto in Spanish Fork can help you keep your diesel engine running in top condition.

Benefits of Diesel Engines

Diesel engines have several different components and systems that make them different from standard gasoline powered engines. These systems make diesel engines a great choice for both heavy vehicles and even some passenger cars. One of the key differences between diesel engines and gasoline engines is how their fuel systems function, specifically in how fuel is ignited within the engine. In a gasoline engine, air and fuel are compressed and ignited through use of a spark plug. However, in a diesel engine, air and fuel are instead compressed enough that spontaneous combustion occurs in a phenomenon known as compression ignition. This key difference as well as several other features of diesel engines give them several distinct benefits over gasoline powered engines, namely:

  1. Fuel Economy
    Diesel engines are generally more fuel efficient than regular gasoline powered engines, and can often have 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy than similarly performing gasoline engines. This is because diesel engines can generate more power from less fuel due to their higher compression rating and the way fuel is ignited in the engine. Because of this fuel efficiency, diesel engines can also typically go longer distances before needing to refuel, which is why they have been a top choice for trucking and transportation industries for many years.
  2. Lower Maintenance
    Diesel engines are also generally known for requiring less maintenance, due to their fuel ignition process, and generally diesel engines will have a longer lifespan than gasoline powered engines. Diesel engines also generally have less electrical failures and other maintenance costs due to not having spark plugs or distributors, and because of this, diesel engines do not need ignition tuneups. However, just as any other machine, diesel engines still need regular maintenance to ensure good functionality and life of the engine, and when maintenance is neglected, repair costs can increase and often surpass those of gasoline engines. But through keeping a regular maintenance schedule, with a certified diesel mechanic, you can decrease your need for major repairs or high maintenance costs and ensure that your diesel engine will run properly for a long time.
  3. Greater Torque
    Because of the fuel burning system described above, diesel engines provide much more torque than a regular gasoline engine. This is why diesel engines have been a great choice for long hauling or heavy towing vehicles. However, diesel engines also work great in pickup and passenger trucks and even in SUVs and passenger vehicles, and they provide much more power on startup than a gas-powered engine. Diesel engines also allow SUVs and cars to have a much greater towing capacity in comparison to their gas powered counterparts.
  4. Durability
    Diesel engines generally have a longer lifespan than gas powered engines and because of this, will generally have higher resale values. The diesel engine is built to withstand the higher compression during the fuel ignition process which allows for a much more durable engine that will generally last longer before needing major repairs. This leads to much higher trade-in and resale values and a great, long lasting vehicle.

Common Diesel Repairs

Diesel engines, just like any machine with moving parts, need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of simple things ensures that the engine functions to its full capacity for as long as possible and increases the lifespan of the engine significantly. Simple things like changing the oil, air, filters etc. are basic things that should be performed regularly to keep your engine running great. In addition, diesel engines are not invincible, and will still occasionally break down and need repairs. When this is the case, be sure to seek out a qualified and experienced diesel mechanic to conduct your repairs. Getting someone knowledgeable and experienced in diesel engine function rather than just a general auto mechanic will ensure you get the right repairs done well so that your engine can last through the long haul.

Some of the most common diesel problems and repairs include:

  • Oxidized oil
  • Humidity Reactions
  • Hard Starting
  • Lack of Power
  • Replacing defective glow plugs
  • Engine knocking
  • Wrong weight viscosity
  • Faulty Lead/Acid Storage batteries
  • Overly noisy engines
  • Discolored smoke from the exhaust.

Most diesel engine problems can also be commonly diagnosed through the color of smoke from the exhaust. Black smoke often indicates an incorrect fuel to air ratio and can be caused by many things such as faulty injectors, injector pumps, bad air filters, a broken EGR valve, or even a turbocharger issue. Blue smoke means that the engine is burning motor oil, usually caused by a leak in the engine. This can sometimes be a turbocharger issue or a problem with valves or an oil filter. Lastly, white smoke indicates that fuel isn’t being burned property within the engine either due to too much fuel being injected or not enough heat or compression.

Why You Need a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel engines are complicated, and repairing diesel engines requires specific skills and training above general mechanic skills. Just as you would want to see a cardiologist for a heart problem, you should seek out a certified diesel mechanic to troubleshoot your diesel engine and make needed repairs. Diesel and gas powered engines are completely different, and investing the little extra time and money that it may take to get a good diesel mechanic just may save you the life of your engine. Your vehicle is worth that investment.

Diesel mechanics have additional training above their general automotive training, including additional certifications from accredited programs as well as on the job training. This additional knowledge and skills allows them to diagnose and repair problems specifically related to diesel engine functionality. The systems are entirely different between diesel and gasoline engines and having someone with training and expertise in each type will give you the best value for your money in repairs. Most diesel mechanics obtain additional certifications in diesel repair to specialize in this area of automotive work, and many auto programs provide both gasoline and diesel programs to give mechanics the ability to work on both types of engines. However, making sure to seek out someone who has specifically been trained in diesel repair in addition to any other automotive repair training they have is crucial to getting the most reliable service. As well, seeking out a diesel mechanic who is knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy is the most important thing you can do to get the best job done for your engine.

Utah is a great state to find reliable diesel mechanics and many schools and institutes offer diesel mechanic programs in addition to their regular automotive training. Because of the growing economy and programs available, there are also many diesel mechanics who choose to settle and stay in Utah, and reliable mechanics can be found throughout the state. While most diesel mechanic programs are located in northern Utah, if you are looking for a reliable diesel mechanic near the Utah County area, Clegg Auto in Spanish Fork is your top rated mechanic in the area, with excellent, experienced diesel mechanics and top notch customer service.

About Clegg Auto Diesel Mechanic Services

Clegg Auto has certified and experienced diesel mechanics with specific training in diesel repair to help you meet your diesel engine needs. We can work on a wide variety of vehicles with diesel engines and we will be trustworthy, honest and upfront about our service and our repairs. We do a thorough inspection of each engine to ensure that we make the right repairs at the right time to keep your diesel running for a long time. We guarantee our work and want to be your partner for diesel needs for years to come.

Clegg Auto is your local diesel mechanic located in Spanish Fork, Utah. Clegg Auto is conveniently located right off the I-15 interstate on Main street in Spanish Fork, which allows for easy access to our location and convenient re-entry to the freeway to get you back on the road. We welcome both walk-ins and scheduled appointments and we do our best to get your vehicle serviced in a timely manner so you can get back out on the road to where you need to go.

Give us a call with questions or to schedule a time to have us look at your vehicle. We would love to see how we can help you!